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The Zhang Liang and Li Li Saga Continues?

Posted by user007 July 7, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

This is an experiment I've wanted to try for a while now. I've taken the liberty to post an unauthorized continuation of the Zhang Liang and Li Li saga. However, I intend this to be a chain story. I have simply got the ball rolling. It is up to the rest of the c-pod community to continue the tale. 1) Please keep your additions to a  reasonable length  2) It starts off a little spicy. Please use discretion and do not let things get out of control 3) Please  avoid making comments about the story's development here. We don't want the chain story to be divided by comments. If you want to comment, please create a new post.

Finally, if you need help reading some of the words or compounds (like me). Downl oad the FREE Firefox add-on Chinesepera-kun found at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3349. This will help you read unknown characters and compounds with the simple stroke of a mouse.

So without further adeu (how do you  spell that?), here is the story:

    刘翔和丽丽 终于飞到澳大利亚。 刘翔带她到大宅邸去。 “丽丽 这是你的新房” 刘翔说。 丽丽没说什么。 只站着 哭起来。 “怎么了” 刘翔问。 “就是。 。 。 就是说 我没想到有一天我的梦想会变现实了。”
    “丽丽 从今天起你是我的妻子。 但是说真的 。 。 。 除了你以外我还有二十五个妻子。” 他一开门就丽丽看到二十五个性感的女孩儿。
    “其实她们不是我的妻子。 我就认为‘妻子’ 比‘妓女’ 好听多了。 我觉得你对这样的工作一定有才能。 现在可能你不喜欢 可是习惯了就好了。 另外 会赚得钱比你以前的 工作高多了。  哎哟我差不多忘了。 企图给警察打电话没有用。 他们是我最满意的顾客。”
    他走了。丽丽听见他锁门的声音。 �

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