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Is there room for a topical wiki on ChinesePod?

Posted by bodawei March 6, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: wiki, football

It seems that some topics here are debated without resolution & then newbies like me come along and ask the same old questions.  A topical wiki could offer an encylopedic entry on popular topics and provide links to sources, and related CP lessons. Maybe one on 王菲, say, or ..something like the esoteric but sublime sport of Rugby League.  There is a CP lesson on '澳式橄榄球' which talks about Aussie Rules (澳式足球) - what were you Aussies doing? 你们睡觉吗?  In my wiki 澳式橄榄球 would discuss Rugby League (with links to 橄榄球, 足球,等等。) 

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