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烧香 shāoxiāng

Posted by calkins March 11, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: to burn incense, shāoxiāng, 烧香, 燒香

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T : 燒香


S : 烧香




Example Sentence

T 為紀念西藏起義50周年,一名佛教徒在北京的雍和宮燒香

S 为纪念西藏起义50周年,一名佛教徒在北京的雍和宫烧香

Wèi jìniàn Xīzàng qǐyì 50 zhōunián ,yī míng Fójiàotú zài Běijīng de Yōnghé Gōng shāoxiāng.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Tibet's uprising, a Buddhist burns incense in Beijing's Lama Temple.

Example Sentence

T 不少人想依靠燒香拜佛來消災解難。

S 不少人想依靠烧香拜佛来消灾解难。

Bùshǎo rén xiǎng yīkào shāoxiāng bài Fó lái xiāo zāi jiě nán.

Many people want to relieve their worries and difficulties by burning incense and praying to Buddha.


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