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the Vocation Idea of Puritanism

Posted by michellekc7 April 3, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: puritanism, vocation, the development of America's economy

Puritanism has had a great influence on America's society,and how about its idea of vocation?Does it have any relation with the economy of the U.S.?Recently I'm writing a paper about this issue,and the following is my outline,please feel free to give me your suggestion on the outline.

On Puritan's Idea of Vocation and Its Impact on America' Economy

1.Background knowledge of Puritanism

1.1 Puritanism roots

1.2 American puritanism

2. the Vocation Idea

2.1 What is vocation and Max Weber's vocation

2.2 the relationship between vocation and the outlook of treasure and creer

2.3 the function of vocation

2.4 the impact of vocation on America's economy

3. the social status of vocation and its prosperity

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