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Teaching English in China (在中国教英文)

Posted by ancalagon April 5, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.


I'm Matt (吕迈修), a graduating senior at Syracuse University. I'll be in Beijing this coming Summer in an intensive Chinese language program. Following that I hope to remain in China and, at least for a while, teach English. Which brings me to this post...

Like, I assume, many who've decided upon this course of action, I'm essentially feeling my way around in the dark right now and would be forever grateful for a helping hand from those who've been where I am before (or who simply know the deal).

So does anyone have any general advice for someone beginning 'the search'? Should a young (22 year-old), first time visitor to China try and stick to the cities rather than seeking employ in the hinterland? Should I stay north-east if gaining Mandarin fluency is a priority? What's the best way to avoid getting contract-screwed? Any popular institutions/websites to avoid (horror stories abound about many... but sour grapes?)?

So many questions, so little time. I hope this can be a resource for more than just me.


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