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To iphone users - one tip - one question

Posted by skedzinger April 10, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Tip first:

there is a iphone app called iflipr - it's just perfect for studying with flipcards. you can make your own lists - or take some that has been shared from otheres.

for example, i started to make a deck to learn the chinese provinces - displaying the map with one highlighted province on front - pinyin and chinese on the back. just to discover, that someone else already did it!

its very convenient to use and also can be used offline! great excercise help!


i downloaded the 888 lessons after joining, i copy them to my iphone to learn in the gym. now i find that some are holding the dialogs in written form, displayed on the iphone during playback - but most dont! why is that? it is so convenient to be able to have a quick look to see if you got the tones right etc...

i have five lessons on it at the moment - all newbie - and only one shows the dialogs - am i doing something wrong - or are some just missing that information ist there a way to find out which have this information before using them?


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