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Some Frequently used words in Chinese Forum

Posted by skyfx April 17, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

1.LZ---楼主,it means the person who posts the thread.

like me, anyone reply this post can call LZ.

2.囧----this one looks like a face,it denotes something make you feel embarassing or uncomfortable.

3.酱紫----这样子----like this



6.打酱油-----看热闹,不插手其中,与自己无关---- passing by, something that has nothing to do with myself


8.拍砖 ---- give the suggestion



11.稀饭----喜欢----love,like something

12.PLMM-----beautiful young girls

13.JS---奸商----person who sell fake product or deceive customers into buying something with abnormal high price.


15.JJWW----叽叽歪歪----say something uncomfortable for person to see.

16.yy 意淫,过度欲望。不一定指下流的想入非非的,往往是为了达到思想、心理及口头上的快感。

17.草泥马----fuck you

18.rpwt 人品问题----something wrong with your personal character

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