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Posted by little_fan May 5, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

   At first,I must say sorry to everyone in the Chinesepod. I did not mean to hurt anyone.

   Well,I didn't expect that my post could draw so many attentions.However, I cannot even totally understand what everyone were saying,because my English ability is limitied.But I understand that some people are support me and some are not.

   RJ,it's not your fault.I didn't tell anyone who is the lady,but you came and apologized to me.You are a good husband and a responsible man.You can't leave here,you must continue your study.And I must apologize to you,either.

    也许是我太年轻,受不了一点委屈。当有人无故辱骂我的时候,我很不开心,当被威胁会被泼硫酸,我甚至睡不着觉。所以我注销了邮箱和发了这篇日志,只是为了保护自己。请大家理解。关于RJ妻子的情况,我完全不了解。现在我知道我这种做法也不太正确,我应该更宽容一些。谢谢大家给予的关注。在Chinesepod 引起这种不好的影响,实在很抱歉。

   对不起。我会不再计较这件事,just move on.

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