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Anyone interested in NYC Cpod get togethers?

Posted by klgardensong May 24, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi, all.  I see there hasn't been a lot of activity recently, and have been absent from Cpod myself for quite awhile (months).  However, my schedule frees up starting next week, and I'll be in NYC 2-3 days a week instead of 3-4 days a month.

So...I'm wondering if anyone is interested in getting together to speak Chinese.


I'd also love to find someone who can help me use Cpod better -- I'm not much of a techie, and know there's much more I could be doing if only someone would walk me through it.

I could offer some good conversational practice in exchange--my accent and basic vocab are quite good.

Soooo, any takers?


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