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Does anybody ever really SAY "guan yu", regarding that..... ???

Posted by Lantian July 16, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

ALL ABOUT THAT - I have been living in China and am learning my Chinese here. I think a majority of my output mimics the patterns and frequent words in the language I hear around me. I also do read, and write, etc., but that all seems to be the reinforcement to my language, rather than the base where it emerges.

For example, I'll often hear a word in context and start to use it, eventually then encountering it in text, and then writing it out. There are several set words, and phrases that I always see in writing, but they have never entered my spoken vocabulary, and thus I hardly myself ever use them when I write. I try, but they just don't go.

So today I was wondering, does anybody ever SAY 关于 in normal conversation. AKA not a speech or some formal situation? Is it frequent? Because it's in almost every written text from a Chinese person it's used. 

关于   guān yú   regarding

《关于》是口语吗?有人用吗?如果你和你的朋友一般的聊聊的时候,还用吗? 我真用不了。。。

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