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Posted by ooka June 16, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: weiqi, qípǔ, 棋谱, wéiqí

1 - The best so far.

The link below sends you to a baidu / video search results page with a complete series of course for intermediate players 围棋教室中级(intermediate for Chinese standard means around 5k to 1d I would estimate). These videos are fantastic and work great in China, i'm not sure what's the speed like from outside China though, do give it a try!


2 - pre-requisite?


It's probably a good idea to print that page and just memorize whatever you can on it, most of it is bound to come up in the videos above. - It's incomplete, but that's our job :-)

3 - Kifu, (棋谱,qípǔ), game collections

I haven't found a site that'd work with Firefox yet, and this is the only site I use Internet Explorer for : http://qipu.games.sports.cn/list.html###

Click on 自动摆其 and watch free pro grames from China, Japan and Korea. Brilliant!

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