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Newly launched News

Posted by goulnik June 20, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

I don't know whether I will still have time to publish news here, and in view of the amount of good content now available, I am not even sure what the value would be.

One of those is the newly launched news bulletin published daily by, combining podcast, full transcript, vocab and practice drills. These 3-5 short news pieces are read a slightly slower speed than normal.

Interesting stuff, but politically correct and spot clean as you would expect. Here's their announcement :

好消息!!! 我们和央视网(联合制作推出了一档“慢速新闻汉语”节目,把每天的新闻趣事以慢速播音的方式播发,让大家一边学习汉语,一边了解世界各地刚刚发生的新闻消息。

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