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Grammar Tags and Lessons

Posted by henning July 18, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

From what I saw so far, the Grammar Tags do not necessary reflect the Grammar content discussed in the acutal podcast.

E.g. in the recent "Snacks" lesson there are two grammar points explained:

  • 才 at 09:20, based on the sentence 零食才不会健康呢... and
  • 把。。。当 at 10:18

The linked grammar tags are 还是 and 又,which do indeed appear in the dialogue: 还是 3 times, 又 1 time in a 又...又-form.

I think it would be more interesting to link the grammar points actually explained in the lesson to the guide.


On the other hand: If just appearance counts, there is no reason not to link Advanced and Media lessons to grammar points. I know the presumption is that Advanced students know all the grammar. But not all listeners of Advanced shows are Advanced - some just want to *become* Advanced one day (big difference). Especially the sentence construction parts would be interesting at Advanced and Media.

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