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I need help creating/editing sentences

Posted by pretzellogic June 30, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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In my effort to study mandarin better, I wrote out some sentences. These sentences try to use some of the ideas we learned in Qing Wen (shi4...de, ...bi3..., you3 shen2me..., lian2....dou1 as well as the travel lessons.  I know some of them are totally wrong, but I would greatly appreciate any kind of help in correcting what is wrong with what I wrote.  Especially helpful is knowing why it's wrong.  Forgive me, but I don't really know characters, and my pinyin is not that great, but any help is appreciated.

I'm going to complain.

Wo3 shi4 yao4 qu4 tou2su4 de.


When did you file a compliant?

Ni3 shi4 shen2me shi2hou4 tou2su4 de?


I usually don't set up these kinds of meetings. They're too important.

Wo3 yi1ban4 bu4 an1pai2 zhe4 zhong3 hui.  Ta1men2 shi4 tai2 zhong3 yao4 de.


This road is under construction.

Zhe4 tiao2 lu4 shi4 zai4 xiu1 de.


No one can afford to speak irresponsibly.

Mei2 you3 ren2 bu4 yao4 luan4shuo1 de qi3

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