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Posted by frank July 19, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Normally, when I have an idea for a new feature or tweaks to the site, I shoot an e-mail to Eileen and try to bribe her with chocolate. This time I'm kicking it out there to you folks. Let me know what you think. More importantly, let the folks at ChinesePod know what you think!

My latest hare-brained scheme involves the organization of the lesson pages. Currently, you can organize your lessons by Popularity, Ranking, and Date, and then by Ascending or Descending. What I'd really like to see is an addition to this that would allow us to sort by the date we added it to our list.

Nothing revolutionary here, but its usefulness got driven home when I saw a comment left on a lesson I'd never seen before and I immediately bookmarked it... where it vanished into the hundreds of other lessons I'd bookmarked! GAH!

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