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The Final Grammar Result

Posted by xiaophil July 26, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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To all who have been following my Please give grammar help!!! and (REVISED) Please give grammar help!!! posts, here is the final result.  Below I have consolidated the input of lujiaojie, aaaaz and diwaien.  Many thanks to them and all the others who have advised.  Rest assured I have read and profited by all those who have commented even if some aren't directly included in the final edit (i.e. please don't feel bad if you aren't mentioned by name).

Keep in mind that these are just guidelines.  Don't be bothered if you see a translation that has a slightly different meaning than the original English sentence.  The goal here is to capture the gist of the meaning as it is probably counterproductive and futile to precisely translate English tenses into Mandarin.  That said, if you see any big errors, please say so.

Assuming everything is A-okay, I suggest that if this post is informative for you, make a few of your own examples in the comment section below.

1) Present Tense
I read books.

In addition: 汉语里常用:我经常(often)......;我总是(always)......;

2) Present Continuous Tense
I am reading a book.
I am reading a book tomorrow.

I am eating food.
我正在吃饭。or 我在吃饭。

In addition: 可以译成:我正在......;我在......

Only use 着 in the present continuous tense.

3) Present Perfect Tense
I have read that book.

4) Present Perfect Continuous Tense
I have been reading that book.

I have been watching a lot of TV.

5) Past Tense
I read that book.
我看了那本书。or  我看过那本书。

I read that book.


6) Past Continuous Tense
I was reading that book.

I was reading a letter.


In addition: 一般使用的时间如下:在那时;昨天X点。时间一定要具体

7) Past Perfect Tense
I had read that book.
我已经看了那本书了。or 我已经看过那本书了。

8) Past Perfect Continuous Tense
I had been reading that book.
那时我一直在看那本书。( here 那时 can be several days.)

9) Future Tense
I will read that book.
我会看那本书。or 我会看那本书的。的 can be used at the end of a statement that not happened to indicate certainty.

In addition: 你只要用这种句型:我将会......;我马上去......;我将会去......

10) Future Continuous Tense
I will be reading a book.

11) Future Perfect Tense
I will have finished reading that book by 10 pm.

12) Future Perfect Continuous Tense
I will have been reading that book for 2 weeks.
到那个时候我已经看了两个星期那本书了。or 到那个时候,那本书我已经看了两个星期了。(There should be a "le" at the end of sentence to indicate Continuous.)

When the clock strikes 7, I will have been listening to that man (sing) for two hours.



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