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East Brain Word Formation

Posted by paulinurus August 3, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: vocabulary

Some interesting word formation in this week's Intermediate lesson - Amusement Park. The Tuttle Dictionary explains very well (for West brainers) how words are formed in the Chinese language, and that the way a word is formed tells you a lot about its meaning i.e. makes it easier to remember, i.e.  expands one's vocabulary i.e. for WB to understand EB better.

Six categories of word-formation (1) Compounding (2) Modification  (3) Verb+Object (4) Verb+Complementation (5) Suffixation (6)Idioms.

Categories 2 to 5 are  easiest to remember by knowing the components of a word. Unfortunately, for Categories 1 and 6, WB will just have to memorize as a chunk.



yóulèyuán (C2)

[wander+happy+park] amusement park



xuánzhuǎnmùmǎ (C2)

[revolve+turn+wooden+horse]carousel, merry-go-round


cìjī (C1)

[irritate+excite] stimulating; thrilling; exciting



guòshānchē (C2)

[go across+mountain+car] rollercoaster



dǎnxiǎoguǐ (6)

[brave+small+ghost] coward



 胆小鬼 would be somewhat a perplexing word for WB. How could a brave small ghost be a coward?

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