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My current usage approach (including Grammar Guide)

Posted by henning July 20, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

The interconnection with the lessons can be used for a nice step-by-step approach to attack grammar. I included it in my daily learning routine. It now goes somewhat like this:

1. Click on Grammar Guide Links and read content; follow some links there

2. Listen to the Podcast

3. Go through the Dialogue

4. Listen through the Dialogue-only-version 

4. Go through the Expansion

5. Go through the Exercises

6. Listen to The Fix

7. Listen to the Podcast again

8. Read Bazza's "joke of the day"

9. Read Chinese Astronomy Article of the Day



In Elementry lessons I cut away  4 and 7

In Intermediate lessons I cut away 7

In Advanced and Media there is usually not enough time for 8 and 9, sometimes they span two days.

In Media I decypher the article first (biggest chunk) and do only listen to the Podcast once.  

After the "initial walkthrough" new lessons enter the "repetition cycles" (mobile scenario) - together with the Fix. 


To fully exploit the Grammar starting from lessons it would be cool if the links would not only cover isolated components (like those old Grammar tags) but some of the structural stuff as well.

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