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概念 gai4 nian4, a noun for concept. O'HAAT

Posted by Lantian July 21, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

O'HAAT: One Hanzi At A Time (概念)

今天听收音机的时候有一位歌手说“这首歌里面有这个概念。”  “gai 4 nian4" 的意思是“注意”。但是今天是我第一次听到“概念”,我不知道Cpod前播的播客已经给我们结束了没有。友人认识这个单子吗?

我觉得如果我要写这个单子的汉字的话并不太容易。好像第一个单子是跟‘大概’一样的。后边的词是‘念’。‘念’的意思是‘我好想你’ 呢意思,比如说‘我好寂寞’。还有‘念书’ 的意思,简单说是‘学习’的意思。哦,慢慢看起来 ‘概念’不是那么难记住的单子,我已经认识前边和后便的汉字!

This was a new word that I heard on the radio today in an interview with a singer. She was saying that her song had this 'concept'. Concept being the word 'gai4 nian4'. It's a new variation for me of words for 'idea'. 'Zhu yi/注意' being the more common form familiar to me. For example in a sentence like, "That's a good idea","shi hao zhu yi", "是好注意”

Actually looking at the two characters, it seems that the first character is the same as the one used for 'about/da gai/大概’ and the second character means 'to miss, nian4' or 'to study', which we've used before.

It's pretty likely Cpod has used this word in one of the previous dialogues, anyone know? Hmm, when I break it down like this, it's not too hard to remember! :)

As usual, I welcome any replies, 改正,and comments on my sentences, etc., 等等!



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