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CPod sock puppets, you may celebrate!

Posted by Tal August 11, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Today I learned that there has been yet another change to the Comments Policy here at Chinesepod. You'll never guess what it is this time!

Chinesepod employees are no longer allowed to join in frivolous chatter on the boards (in threads like this one.) From now on they may only take part in serious threads relating to Chinese language or culture.

I'd just like to say well done and thanks to all those great folks who've been rocking the boat so diligently recently, (you know you who you are), and who have doubtless helped to bring about this change.

Some will doubtless feel this is a desirable outcome, that no one should be entitled to have 胡说 here, and if they do then they certainly shouldn't be wasting the time of CPod staff when there's a 他 that should be a 她 in lesson x, y, or z, or some question about the correct tone for 不 has gone unanswered in lesson a, b, or c.

But I personally will miss the chance to swap jokes and light-hearted banter with pete and err... others, and feel CPod will be a little poorer for this.

Anyway well done all you mischief makers, you should be well satisfied.

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