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Where have all the 汉字 gone... (aka, Missing zh.Chinesepod.com)

Posted by rich July 21, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I just have to bring up something that has been on my wish list since V3...I miss zh.chinesepod.com, not just because it was almost the only time we saw Jenny's name, 朱琦, in Chinese (which I feel learns of the language should get used to, hearing/reading/remembering Chinese names), but just because it got me thinking in Chinese more.  Not saying to bring back a whole another website/sub-website, but anything in the works to allow www.chinesepod.com to have the option of website text being in Chinese?

While I rarely posted on zh.chinesepod.com, it did have a feeling of having the mind-set of one language... honestly, my Chinese is poor (and lazy) when I am in an English/Chinese environment.  Even if I talk to Chinese person in both English and Chinese, everything (including my English) goes downhill.  When seeing an all-Chinese site, I am more focused on reading the Chinese.  Here, well, I must admit that not only do I not type as much as I would like (even though I pretty much write notes in Chinese on paper), and I often skip over what people have written in Chinese to read the English or Pinyin.

While English and Pinyin won't vanish from the posts (although I must admit, I am trying to force myself to write in Chinese in the Intermediate and above discussions, as Lantian admirably does, with translation!), I would like to see menus, buttons and even lesson titles/synopses being in Chinese an option.  There are many great content managers out there that make multilingual websites easy, Typo3 is a free one and really powerful (http://typo3.org / http://www.webempoweredchurch.com)

所以,我就要就我们能有比较好中文的环境。你们觉得呢?我们也应该多用我们的中文名字吧!(It takes an ear to distinguish names, get to know the common names and characters, something that is very important in building relaitonships in China)

孟以明 (也是:小明 / 有钱人 :)

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