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Looking for Chinese study partner in Boston, MA

Posted by clairebaer August 22, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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If you are a native Mandarin-Chinese speaker, or a student of Chinese, like myself, and live in Boston, then please contact me!

I'm looking for a Chinese language partner to do either a Chinese study group with or a language exchange. I live in the North End of Boston and would like to optimally meet around 3 times a week for happy hour, coffee, a meal, in the park or in the library to chat and study in Chinese. I think it'd be fun to study the Chinesepod lessons together, because I study much better in groups and I'd prefer meeting in person for these study lessons. I also want to have long dialogues using only a dictionary and our Chinese.

I'm looking for anyone (as long as they are willing) from the Elemantary to Advanced area. I myself am (according to State Department testing) Advanced-Mid level Chinese, but I think in terms of Chinesepod I'm more of a weak Upper-Intermediate/ very strong Intermediate. 


Just message me here and we can swap infos and start meeting around September 6th when I'm back in town.

I look forward to hear from you!!!

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