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speaking Chinese on a recent trip to Taiwan

Posted by mark August 24, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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I found I was able to cope with most daily life situations fairly easily.  However, there were two circumstances that gave me trouble.  One was eating in restaurants; there was always something on the menu, or some process peculiar to that restaurant that gave me trouble (Brand name stuff at 星巴克 or 麦当劳 etc. is murder).  Cover charges, ordering the stuff to put in a hot pot, and restaurants without written menus are some of the other challenges. (I could always use some combination of English and pantomine to make due, but my objective was to function competently speaking Chinese.)

The other situation was that I have never learned the word for airport terminal.  This deficite got me the call someone who speaks English and pass me the cell phone routine.

I mention these, because I am hoping that the wizards at Cpod can think up some lessons that make these things easier for my next trip, or for the next podie who wants to function solely using Chinese while travelling.

(The hungry traveller series or menu stealer doesn't quite cover all of the possible complexities.  I also don't recall any lesson that involved a discussion with the driver as to where at the airport to be dropped off.)

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