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Progress with CPod?

Posted by henning July 23, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Listening to an old Advanced Podcast made me think about the progress I achieved with CPod. It was not quite a year ago that one day I called my wife and told her that I listened to a that very lesson and understood what it was about - I was proud to guess the topic.

Although there are still holes in my understanding that need fixing, I can follow most of what is going on at Advanced level. Because I get more and more of the Chinese only definitions, I can draw a lot now from relistening.


My biggest progress lies in listening comprehension and vocab. I also think I made (smaller) progress with speaking - measured by the number of tone corrections coming from my wife (for me it is crucial that new vocab is introduced with tones up to the higher levels - for feedback).

I struggle most with details in word order, word choice, and grammar. Often the easiest stuff is the hardest. This is why I would probably flunk a HSK beginner test. Definately more to be done on that front.


Preliminary evaluation:

Started with "Upper Elementry-Lower Intermediate" in April 2006.

- Listening comprehension: Moved up 1,5-2 levels on the CPod scale

- Vocab: Moved up 1-1,5 levels on the CPod scale

- Reading: Stable - but consolidated (due to repetition)

- Pronounciation: Moved up 0,2-0,5 levels

- Grammar: stagnating with 0,0-0,3 levels progress (due to a better "feeling" of correctness)

- Writing: Minus 0,5 (have not practiced since CPod) 


I would be interested in other development stories.

Some here are extremly diligent and talented. Did anyone make it the whole route from Newbie to Advanced? 

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