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打网球 anyone?

Posted by bodawei September 5, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: 运动 (sports), 网球 (tennis)

Tennis seems to be a growing sport in China.  After spending a few hours on a court today I thought I would share some (printable) words I heard:

打网球  - da3 wang3qiu2  (play tennis)

打游戏, 玩游戏  - da you2xi4, wan2 you2xi4 (play a game)

出界 - chu1 jie4 (over the line; outside)

下网  - xia4 wang3 (hit the net)

好球 - hao3 qiu2 (Good Shot!!; applies in any ball game)

正手 - zheng4 shou3 (forehand)

反手 - fan3 shou3 (backhand)

手秉  - shou3 bing3  (grip on racquet)

拍 - pai1 (racquet)

假的牌子  - jia3 de pai2zi (fake brand of racquet)

压线 - ya1 xian4 (on the line, in)

触网 - chu4 wang3 (touch the net but go over)

重发球 - chong2 fa1 qiu2 (let service)

发球  - fa1 qiu2 (serve)

换发球  - huan4 fa1 qiu2  (change serve)

Anybody got any other tennnis terminology?

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