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Ele - Intermediate gap. When will this issue be addressed!

Posted by marchey July 23, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .



For about 6 months I have been struggling with the gap between the elementary and intermediate levels. I have been doing both levels and in the beginning it was clear that I still had a lot to learn at elementary level. Now I am at a point where I understand all elementary dialogues first time around and I can write most sentences in hanzi, not only from the dialogue, but from the expansion too. However, whenever I try to do an intermediate lesson it continues to be hard work. I usually give up somewhere half way. There is simply too much new vocabulary and to few explanations and for me, not enough real progress. I can understand most of the dialogues, but it doesn't stick and there is little fun involved. 

 I don't know how others feel about this, but as the elementary podcasts are not challenging anymore (in fact the recent ones are easier than those of 6 to 9 months ago) and the intermediate lessons being too hard, I feel interest slipping away. Would it be possible just to create an lower intermediate level, just as there is an upper intermediate level to address this problem? Now it feels as there is a wall somewhere, one that everyone, sooner or later, is going to hit.


Marc in Belgium 

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