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Posted by xiaophil September 15, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

I felt it necessary to mention that ChinesePod really does work.  What prompted me to say this?  Well, here is the story.  This summer I only had one part-time job that gave me a lot of free time to study Chinese on my own.  This is why for the past few months I have been everywhere on the message board.  Now I am working at a university.  They have a modest size Mandarin program here.  I decided to pull some strings and sit in on as many classes as possible.  They placed me in their highest level class.  To my surprise, I felt totally comfortable in there, and discovered that my level was at least somewhere in the middle.  Then I entered listening class.  In the past, no matter how hard I tried, I had not been able to match the level of my Asian classmates.  This time I was the best (at least I was during our only class so far).  There are probably several reasons that contribute to my advancement, but I suspect constantly having ChinesePod lessons blaring in my ears for a few months was probably the biggest factor.

So if you feel like you are getting nowhere fast at this website, I assure you that if you stick with it you will progress.  Because believe me, I definitely have no special talent for learning languages.


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