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Listening to lessons at 80% speed

Posted by aeflow July 23, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

For those of you who use Windows Media Player, there's a feature that allows you to listen to MP3s at other-than-original speed (either slowed down or speeded up).  The pitch is automatically adjusted to remain the same (you don't get chipmunk voices or superdeep voices).

This only works with the MP3s, in other words you have to click on (or download) the "Full Episode MP3 Download" or "Dialogue MP3 Download" links.

You activate the feature in Windows Media Player by selecting "Now Playing" --> "Enhancements" --> "Show Enhancements" and "Play Speed Settings".  When this is selected, you get a "Play Speed Settings" slider in your Now Playing window, which you can change from 1.0 (normal speed) to 0.9 or 0.8 or whatever.

This can sometimes help with listening comprehension.

I don't know if other playback software has such a feature.  I couldn't find an equivalent feature in RealPlayer software.

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