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Posted by babliku July 24, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi everyone, just wanted to share something that you might find interesting. When I was in secondary school, one day a classmate of mine got bored, and he showed that scribbly thing above to me. I was like, "What in the world is that? IM [weird thingy] JOKOH."

I did think for a while but I gave up in the end. turns out that if you tilt your head to the right (or if you rotate the picture 90 degrees counter-clockwise), you'd see my (chinese) name. haha. funny thing is when I showed it to my chinese tuition teacher, she saw it almost instantly.

Ah anyway, not too sure how relevant it is, but I thought it was quite funny. I hope you can figure the words out, even though it's not a common name like 小明 or 大白. I'm not revealing it coz I'm hoping it can be seen as some kind of 字谜 haha.

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