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President of Heisi(High Technology Executive International Solutions, Inc.)

Posted by henrylee July 24, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

Heisi is my company to provide service and support for international business consulting including simultaneous interpretation and solutions for doing business in Korea for foreign companies coming into Korean market.

I am the president of Heisi. My specialties are telecom, semiconductor equipment and material, internet, mobile, energy field.

I have many business affiliates in Japan, Taiwan and China as well. My presonal goal is to master(?) Chinese by 2007 and use it during BeiJing Olympic and begin to study again formally Japanese from 2008 after BeiJing Olympic finishes and go to Japan and live in campus of Japanese University for 3 months and master Japanese by 2010.

So hope to be ready with three foreing languages, English, Chinese and Japanese mastered to a certain level to help people to communicate with three countries and among three conutries, Korea, Japan, China and Western counties including U.S. and others.

I love different cultures and people and languages.

Looking for an opportunies to enjoy working to brige the cultures and people and making some reasonable money as well.

Henry Lee

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