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What *is* Grammar (academic question)

Posted by henning July 25, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

While trying to track Grammar Points in the Intermediate and UI lessons a definition issue arose:

Often I am not sure whether a discussed lanugage point counts as "Grammar" or is still pure *vocab*.  That is especially true for the UI lessons where lots of content is introduced that might be found in the Grammar Guide under "parts of speech".

Some of the entries in the Grammar Guide I would definitatly not have counted as grammar before CPod, especially function words like 逐渐 - although they are undisputedly crucial both for understanding and for sentence building.

Wikipedia defines Grammar as I would have done: As "the study of rules governing the use of language". Is 逐渐 a rule in its own right or just an example for an adverb?

What about those billons of Chengyus that often come with function-word characteristics? 

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