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Is there such thing as reflexive verbs in Chinese?

Posted by EmmaLouise1 October 19, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Like there are in European languages, in Spanish we've learnt at school things me lavo (I wash myself) or me llamo (I call myself) which are different from verbs like veo (I see) or hablo (I speak) I know you're not all going to know Spanish but do you kind of see what I mean? Cos I don't see the difference in Chinese :S Like in Chinese why isn't the verb "to be called" (sorry, can't remember the character) reflexive? Or is it? I really don't know :S Could someone just give me brief explanation on Chinese Reflexive verbs please? Or if there isn't such a thing, a small explanation of why there isn't? Thank you! I'm still a bit of a confused Newbie :S

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