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杜得马驴,踢球! Transliteration alert.

Posted by bodawei October 27, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: Transliteration; Chinese joke.

A local friend told me a funny story about Chinese people learning English and finding it difficult to remember even the simplest phrases like 'Good Morning, Teacher!'  To make it easier on themselves they 'transliterate' back into Chinese characters that taken together comprise a story, as a memory aid.   

'Good Morning, Teacher!' becomes 杜得马驴,踢球。  dù de mǎ lú, tī qiú (Stop the donkey! Kick the ball!)  I regret spelling it out in detail but it took me a while to catch on, and others may agree.  dù de = Good; mǎ lú = morning; tī qiú = Teacher.  You also have to imagine a thick country Yunnan accent.  

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