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Anki - Learning new vocab in two steps

Posted by dreiundzwanzig October 28, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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First off I'd like to apologize if this is not the right place to discuss ways of learning with Anki. I could not find any other threads on this topic and this group seemed to be the best place...

I discovered Anki a couple of weeks ago and haven't been using it too much so far - that's because I couldn't figure out a good "strategy" or configuration that's working the way I imagine it.

Of course I installed some addons and Anki is set up to create flash cards with translation, pinyin, hanzi and so on.

What I would like to do with Anki though would probably look something like this though:

1. I'd like to enter all new vocabulary I stumble upon and which I regard useful to Anki. The flash card should then look like this: "Front": Pinyin, Hanzi; "Back": Translation

I'd like to be able to check my knowledge getting shown the translation and having to enter the pinyin.

2. So far I experienced, that I personally should not try to learn all the Hanzi that come with my new vocabulary and instead focus on some important and memorizable ones first. This is why I would like to have only some of the word that I entered before in my "second step of learning new words". In this step I would like to check knowledge by having to enter the Hanzi after seeing the translation.

Can anyone give me clues on how to setup Hanzi so that I don't have to create to individual decks? (How) can I manage to do this with only one deck?

What do you think about learning new vocabulary in these two steps and cutting out Hanzi that I "don't like"?

I'm thankful for any advice :)


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