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A: I ate too much. B: No, you ate very little. You don't like my cooking.

Posted by dunderklumpen November 2, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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I've have a weird experience. It certainly relates to the difference i cultures.

This weekend I was invited too my friends to have 火锅 huo3guo1 hotpot. Is was soo good and I ate very much. I was even a bit ashamed of eating that much, hehe.. However, when we had finished eating, this happened:

A. Whaa, that was soo delicious! I had too much too eat..
B. Today we ate very little.
A. What? We've been eating double as much as I usually eat.
B. I ate much. I eat very quickly. You didn't eat much.
A. ???
B. Today we only had... say, one kilo of meat.
A. That's much.
B. It's very little.

I had a similar experience once before. At that time I aslo had an awful lot of food in my belly and the host said -Why do you eat so little. You don't like it!
I had already told her it was delicious. She persisted. -You ate very little.


What is the point of that sort of talk?

I guess it is some sort of polite ceremony because they are so nice all the time, but I actually find it disturbing, in fact rude.

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