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Would be good to know when someone replies to YOUR post (Conversation Imrpovement Ideas)

Posted by rich July 26, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi. Posted this on an unrelated conversation, so thought I'd open a new "ticket" for it.

There has been another conversation on a more complex blog/conversation system, and I admit some are a little complicated to the point it is like the Forum. But it would be nice find a way for, when you reply to someone else's post, to click a "reply" button for a single post, such as when Amber answers someone's question she will click a button to flag that she is replying to so-and-so's post. Then notify that so-and-so that there is a reply to HIS/HER question. (option through email, or on their home page, or just another pull down in the conversation list)

I just get tired of looking at My Conversations, and see "OH, Someone finally posted on that one! " just to find someone saying "I can't download the mp3" or "Hi, I'm Chinese, please come visit me."

I recommend something like on imdb.com for discussions, where a reply to someone's post is embedded with his/his post, indented and kept with his post. On imdb.com it is also optional how you read the posts...flat, threaded, etc.

Not asking for some complex forum/blog system, just something not so flat as what we have now. I'm patient, just saying that these two things (individual replying with notification) and to make it clearer what post another post is a reply to...and oh yeah, the search engine that even Colleen says we need! Obviously our discussions are becoming more complex than way way way back with V2 (4 months ago!!!)... probably wasn't expected when implementing V3, eh?


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