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Posted by miantiao November 10, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

I came across a book(title of this post and published in China in 2008)lately that when i first picked it up to peruse thought it was comical sarcasm, but upon further reading began to realise that the authors were insanely serious. 

Its a collection of essays which appear to be based on extensive research conducted in high class community toilets and other such think tanks, thinking non-tanks and non-thinking tanks.

I would recommend this read to anyone with an interest in delusionary paranoia, bellicosis, and pied piperososis.

One particularly poignant fact to come out of the thinking tank contributors is in relation to the recent milk scandal. According to one expert's thoroughgoing deep throated research, who shall remain anonymous because I can't remember his name, the melamine in the milk is all Europe's fault. In a nutshell he blows the horn on on a secret the europeans have been trying to hide for years, and that is that european cows produce milk with significantly higher protein levels. As such the european super cows have enabled the EU to influence WHO to establish a minimum protein content regulation for the retailing of milk, thereby forcing local producers here to supplement their milk with added protein in the form of melamine. 

Thanks to this contributors doggedness at getting to the bottom of unscupulous scandals, the previously accused grandsons of turtles can now have the turtle lifted.

I'm wondering if any other poddies, lurkers and actives, have come across this read.

I also have a question in relation to chinese slang. A word that repeatedly pops up in the text and used in conjunction with the names of foreign countries is 老黄瓜. now i know it literally means old cucumber, but what is the implied meaning?

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