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Introducing Oneself to the Family: Character Memorization Fun

Posted by rich July 27, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Okay, moving these character radical quizzes to their own discussion as I should have done in the first place.  This one deals with characters from the vocabulary of the Intermediate lesson Introducing Oneself to the Family

Would be great to see some of you guesses of what the radicals are (I give the pinyin) and full character/English meaning. Show your work! (yes, this is math class) as that will help us wrap our brains around these picturesque characters we westerners have a hard time remembering, yet deal with them in Chinese learning all the time, whether we want to read characters or not.

It's a Hard-Knock Life for this Family of Characters 

1) ?: For him to talk so big(dà) about himself makes the rest of the team feel treated unfairly(kuī).

2) ?: I feel in my heart(xīn) it's impossible for the grass(cǎo) to be this heavy(zhòng), I just don't...

3) ?: Taking a metal(jīn) tool and beat(shū) roots to pulled them out of the ground(pulled up roots: pull 而ér out of the ground and put it on its side) takes a lot of this.

4) ?: When the letter(jiǎn) is put in the fire(huǒ) it does this.

5) ?: Rice(mǐ) that is green(qǐng) is _______ for making spirits and alcohol. (I don' t know if this statement is true, just pretend it is... or just say "In China, rice is ...")

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