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newbie, just introducing myself.

Posted by warius November 18, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

大家好。我现在在一个大学校学中文。我只三月以后学, 所以我不太好了。 可是我真喜欢。我不知道你都等了,因为我写得不太好, 所以我还用英文写。

hello. i dont know if this is totally right (i doubt it is) so i also write in english. i have been studying chinese for three months now, and i just discovered chinesepod. really nice addon to my studies at school, and now that its soon christmas hollydays, i think i will try to keep up my chinese here , since i obv. dont have any classes during the hollydays. are there any newbies or elementaries here that would enjoy chatting a little bit? i beleve it will be quite good help for both of us. ye.

are most of you guys in here studying chinese in school as well as chinesepod, or only chinesepod?


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