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Posted by bababardwan November 18, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Anthony,I hope this is an appropriate post for your group.If not,please let me know and I'll start another group.I'd like to examine the decomposition of characters and how the radicals combine to give the final meaning and get others to share their thoughts on this.I've found this can be done quite easily in mdbg.Now I want to look at 想....to think,or speculate。Looking at the top half of the character,on the left we have 木 the radical for wood,and on the right 目 。。the radical for eye.Just a coincidence that they are both mù.Anyway,these 2 are put together to give 相。。meaning each other,one another ,or mutually.So I am wondering on how wood and eye can come together to give that meaning.Any thoughts? [or am I just looking at this wrong?].What,is the eye looking at the wood,and the wood has it's own approach to the eye? ..as the eye looks at the wood there is interplay...something mutual going on.Ok,stop laughing guys.I know I may be out on a limb here.Well,anyway, the final part of the construction seems a little more straightfoward and very nice...add to this mutual thinking 心。。。meaning heart,mind and you have a couple of folk mutually having the other in their heart/mind...they're thinking of each other.How nice.I'm also interested in the shape of these radicals and how they came to represent that meaning.I mean 心 does look pretty much like a heart shape,and 木 looks somewhat tree like with branches etc,but at other times the connection is less obvious and I'd be interested to hear others thoughts on this.

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