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Harry Potter 哈利波特-人物介紹(子彙) character intros(vocab)

Posted by man2toe July 28, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

The Harry Potter series is a well written story and is generally appreciated around the world.  On occasion, there have been posts requesting lessons on the story. So, for all those out there that would like to tackle reading the series in Chinese, and/or have an interest in getting some of the stories vocab for conversation, let's start a body of posts that deal with some of the specialize vocab that the series presents.

Please feel free to add to the list, ie. more names, simplified character, bopomofo,pin yin, questions, etc. 


This post covers some of the stories character names.

Harry Potter 哈利波特

Albus Dumbledore 阿不思 鄧不利多

Ron 榮恩

Hermione  妙麗

Ginny 金妮 

Neville Longbottom 奈威 陸巴頓 

Luna Lovegood 露娜 羅古德 

Draco Malfoy 跩哥 馬份 

Lucius Malfoy 魯休思 馬份

Narcissa Black 水仙 布萊克  

Hagrid 海格

The Dursley family 德思禮一家人

The Weasley family 衛斯里一家人 

Dudley  達力

Vernon  Dursley  格朗寧  德思禮

Professor McGonagall 麥教授

Professor Snape 石內卜教授 

Dorlores Jane Umbridge 恩不里居教授 

You-Know-Who 那個人

Voldemort 佛地魔 

Tom Riddle 湯姆 瑞斗 

Dobby 多比

Kreacher 怪角 

Nearly Headless Nick 差點沒頭的尼克

Myrtle 麥朵 

Gilderoy Lockhart 吉德羅 洛哈 

Professor Lupin 路平教授

Nymphadora Tonks 小仙女 東施 

Sirius Black 天狼星 布萊克 

Kingsley Shacklebolt 金利 俠鉤帽

Dementor 催狂魔

Cornelius Fudge 康尼留斯 夫子 

Professor Trelawney 崔老妮教授

Victor Krum 維克多 喀浪

Fleur Delacour 花兒 戴樂古

Cedric Diggory 西追 迪哥里

Cho Chang 張秋

Winky 眨 眨

Rita Skeeter 麗塔 史譏

Mad-Eye Moody 瘋眼穆敵

Ludo Bagman 魯多 貝漫

Barty Crouch 巴堤 柯羅奇

Madame Maxime 美心夫人

Igor Karkaroff 依果 卡卡夫 

Mundungus Fletcher 蒙當葛 弗列契

Grawp 呱啦 



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