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一场空欢喜: What tone on 场?

Posted by simonpettersson December 4, 2009 in the Group I Have a Question .

Tags: tones, measure words, Cheng & Tsui Chinese Measure Word Dictionary

My measure word dictionary lists the phrase 一场空欢喜 (yī chǎng kōng huānxǐ), "a fleeting moment of joy and then disappointment" under 场 chǎng. However, it also says that third tone is used for "a sports match or competition; presentation; public display" whereas it's second tone cháng for "a period of rain, snow, wind, battle, lawsuit or sickness". It seems to me that the way it's used in "一场空欢喜" has more in common with the second tone usage than the third. Has my dictionary made a mistake or is it really supposed to be third tone here?

Which tone would you use?

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