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Got me stumped...

Posted by xuexiansheng December 7, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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今天我和一些同学们复习课文。课文最后不明白。 明天有期末考试, 不会问老师。 请帮助我, 课文说:

教授请学生吃完饭。 晚饭以后, 阿甲擦桌子, 洗盘碗, 把厨房收拾得干干净净。 阿定在客厅给大家短咖啡, 拿啤酒, 说一两件有意思的事。 大家都觉得阿丁很忙, 却没看见阿甲来招呼。

“来招呼” 有什么意思?

I'm only in 2nd year Chinese class, that stretched my chinese learning to the limits there....so, an english answer or a simple chinese one would help.  The text is from 校园汉语, Univ. of Wash Press, 2003. Not a bad textbook IMO. 谢谢! :)

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