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Complete Newbie Dictionary

Posted by go_manly December 15, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Now that the Newbie lessons are no longer being produced, I have made up a dictionary covering all the Newbie lessons.

Download Here

It covers the dialogs only - there is no extra expansion vocabulary.


While compiling this dictionary, I noticed a few glaring omissions from the Newbie series:

The words

wŏmende (我们的),  nĭmende (你们的),  tāmende (他们的),  tāmende (她们的)

were not covered in any Newbie lesson.

Even more amazingly, tāde (他的) 'his', was not covered in any lesson, although tāde (她的) - 'her(s)' was.

I know this assertion will be challenged, but I can guarantee I have been through every dialog.

Somewhat less surprising: I would have expected the use of năguórén (哪国人) - 'a person of which country?'.  The phrase 'Nǐ shì nǎguórén?' is taught very early on in most texts and on other websites.

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