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Posted by yuanyun December 17, 2009 in the Group I Have a Question .

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今天学习了 decorate christmas  pine tree.


the ornaments: tinsel,garland,wreath,christmas star....

Actually,I have no idea what are they looks (它们长什么样子的).

还好,用google,images search.



tinsel is the shiny metallic material;



garland is a chain of flowers, leaves, or tinsel;




wreath is a closed circle of garland;



christmas star/angel is a large ornament in the shape of a star or an angel, usually with lights, placed on the very top of the Christmas tree





1).garland wreath 有什么不同么?看起来是差不多的.


2).How did they decorate the christmas tree at long long ago.

we don't have that ornaments (tinse,christmas star).



maybe I can google. :-)

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