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The Chinese characters won't display in a PM sent to me!

Posted by EmmaLouise1 December 17, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

I've never had trouble displaying Chinese characters on my laptop before but this time, they seem to come out really odd! Like this:

Dear Emma,


Xièxie n%u01D0 de Shèngdàn k%u01CEpiàn.


H%u011Bn piàoliang, w%u01D2men d%u014Du h%u011Bn x%u01D0huan!


Zhù n%u01D0 shèngdànkuàilè, ti%u0101nti%u0101n k%u0101ix%u012Bn!


Zh%u014Dngwén yuèláiyuèh%u01CEo!


(Thank you for the message btw Connie! ^.^ I'll reply as soon as I can decode it! hehe)

So is there some sort of special setting that I need to turn on specifically for PMs? I've got a MacbookPro btw if that helps.

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