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新年规划 (New Year resolutions)

Posted by bodawei December 31, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Gotta work fast; it's already 2010 in hometown Sydney.  

1. Post photos of signs in Chinese - lets say 1 per week 

2. Learn names of everyone I talk to and use them; write them up and explore the characters. (That is a big ask as I may have more than 100 students - the semester just gone I could recall maybe 20% of 150 names accurately and write maybe 5% from memory.) 

3. Read a scrappy story book from the 2块 shop; say 1 per month.  These 'books' have a 总定价 zǒngdìngjià of 300 RMB, marked down to 6 RMB, then marked down again to 2 RMB. They claim to be from 北京师范大学出版社 chūbǎnshè (Beijing Normal University Publishing House) - is that possible?  Morality tales mainly.  

4. Write a script for each topic I teach; about 20 over say five months.  Wow, that is a lot. I'll halve that to 10.  

5. Do one Chinesepod lesson per week, any level.  

That's way to much, but I never keep my resolutions anyway.  

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