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Da Shan is back!

Posted by bodawei January 1, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I don't know if anyone else caught this, but Da Shan has a show called 'Sports Chinese', and it is pretty good.  It was on CCTV 9 (the English channel) shortly after midnight, and I believe they said it was the first in a series.  I'm hoping that it is also on CNTV (yet to check.) 

It would suit learners of a wide range of levels (rather like ChinesePod).  There are a number of dialogues, some grammar points and a typical Da Shan-style culture segment.  The first episode was not actually about sport as such (except the culture segment), but the scenarios include a couple of journalist characters who work at a 'sports bureau'.  This episode focused on introductions and using the 是 。。的 structure.  

PS. He doesn't look a day older.  That Canadian climate seems to be kind to the skin.  

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