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Posted by paulinurus January 3, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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No doubt Cpod has the biggest text book of practical lessons around. However, what with work and the chores of day to day living, I had no time to study the lessons properly. And the text book keeps gets bigger and bigger each week.

I have been listening to most of the Elementary and Intermediate lessons and I think my listening comprehension has improved but it seems to me I should now study what materials I have instead of continuing on the non-stop thread mill constantly scrambling to keep up with the new lessons. 

Those of you who have  stayed continuously with Cpod for two or three years, wouldn't you had been better off ( know more Mandarin than now) if you had come off the thread mill to really study the sentences, memorize the vocabulary, instead of scrambling with the new lessons week after week? Is there something missing in my logic to lapse my subscription till I'm ready for more new stuff?

Not having to deal with new lessons constantly will also allow me more time to look for informal ways to practise speaking Chinese and see if listener(s) understand what I'm saying.  

And too, I like to find a language exchange arrangement where a Chinese native can correct the occasional Chinese sentences I write, in exchange of my assistance in correcting English sentences.   

I'm just throwing my thoughts out for any feedback.

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