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Tips on learning Chinese characters?

Posted by doodlemonster January 10, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

I've probably learnt about 20 Chinese characters in about 4 months of studying (yes, I'm rather ashamed...) but I just can't seem to keep them there, let alone learn new characters. I do use Anki but also Skitter (I upgraded myself for a month over christmas for a treat haha ^^) which I find helps a lot. I think, for me personnally, I need to write them to see how they "fit together", if you see what I mean. But then I can never assosiate the right character, with the right pinyin, with the right translation >.< Although I can always remember how to write the character (stroke order and everything :P) even if I've only written it a few times. 

So how can I develop the 'correct association' with the characters? Also, my subscription is ending soon, meaning I'll be back to Basic (I can't really afford to pay for Premium each month being a meere student :P) so I won't have acess to Skritter anymore :(

Anything else I can do to help learn characters? How do you learn characters? Is it all about doing SRS/Anki? Because I think I need to draw the character, not just see it, to remember it. I have a very strange mind >.<

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